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Perth mobile auto electrician, Maklecs, is a trusted business with over 40 years experience

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Automotive, Fault Finding, Diagnostics and Repair
This can include problems with the engine, brakes, suspension, electronics, and more. Automotive technicians use a range of tools and techniques to diagnose issues, including specialized software and diagnostic equipment, visual inspections, and test drives.
4WD, Caravans, Campers and Leisure
4WD, Caravan, Camper, and Leisure Vehicle repair is the maintenance and repair services that keep these vehicles running smoothly. These vehicles are often used for outdoor activities, and they need frequent inspections, replacements, and repairs to operate efficiently.
Classic and Vintage Cars
Classic and vintage cars require specialized care and attention to ensure they maintain their unique style and classic appeal for years to come. From simple tune-ups to major repairs, expert technicians understand the intricacies of these vehicles and have the skills and experience necessary to provide exceptional care.
Motorbike repair and maintenance is crucial to keep your bike in top condition and prevent breakdowns or accidents. Regular maintenance involves inspecting the bike for any wear and tear, checking the oil, brakes, tires, and other important components.
Mining and Construction
Mining and construction vehicles are heavy-duty machines that are subjected to tough working conditions daily. They are used in various industries, including mining, construction, and transportation. However, with heavy usage, these vehicles require routine maintenance and repair to ensure they operate efficiently and safely.
Marine vehicle repair involves repairing and maintaining various types of vehicles that operate on water, such as boats, ships, and yachts. It requires specialized knowledge and skills in areas such as mechanics, electrical systems, and hydraulics.

We Are Totally Mobile

Maklecs will come to you!!  How is that for easy service. We can visit your home or workplace as long as we have a bit of room to work. We handle all auto electrical works, all vehicle types and have over 30 years experience.

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Fair Prices

At Maklecs we have a commitment to fair prices. We pride ourselves on our very competitive and transparent rates to ensure you receive the very best value without any compromise on service and parts.


The quality of our work relates directly to our on going business and referrals and is vital for our reputation. Maklecs deliver a high standard of work so you can rest assured and enjoy peace of mind.

Experienced Technicians

Our team have over 30 years of knowledge, expertise which is unrivalled by many other companies. You can feel confident that we know what we are doing and won’t waste time or your money getting a solution.

Reliable Service

Reliable service is crucial to our customers. They want to know that we can get the job done and that it will work and keep them safe. Our goal is to make sure you are satisfied and confident that you can rely on us.

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